Here are finally looks which will dishevel Grandma ! Combining style and performance Urban Circus is the fashiontech brand for eco-riders. Made of performant fabrics and specific shapes we create designs you'll need to ride under any conditions : rain, low visibility, hostile traffic jungle ... If you do not know yet the brand, let yourself be seduced by this colorful world!


Who said that the yellow safety vest could not be trendy? We offer you to get off the rules, to forget what you've been tought, and let us bring fashion into urban mobility. We start with the law (high visibility EU standards) to reinvent the shape, the fit and the materials of this famous street's symbol : the yellow safety vest.



If you are here, reading these lines it means you had a crunch ! Let yourself be seduced by the lifestyle, the concept, the universe of Urban Circus. Our crazy ideas led us to make inspiring collections for urban riders. With this same idea in mind : turn everyday routine into an extraordinary experience. This is how it all starts. Because we believe that the city can be a new area of freedom. The freedom to ride in the open air without constraints. The freedom to ride wherever you want, without traffic jams, without a parking space to search. The ultimate independence, with no transport schedules and no people to stop us. So, whoever you are, urban sliding or asphalt lovers, young addicts or trendy golden-agers... come and join our colors for the expression of freedom in our urban jungles. From this thirst for freedom was born Urban Circus, the fashion brand combining style and safety for urban mobility. Thanks to its new, young, high-tech vision, which brings a new functional dimension to Urban fashion. The circus is becoming a benchmark for eco-riders. The bet is daring! Turn a signal clothing into a collector's item. Playing with the law while respecting it. At the heart of the brand, innovation and this desire to distort safety basis to make it a style. Visionary, a little rebellious, always against the grain, Urban Circus has established itself in the Parisian fashion-tech.


     Do you know the story of the ugly yellow safety vest ? You don't ? really ? Ok, ok, let us tell it to you... It comes from an ad from a regretted famous french designer Karl L. in a powerful collaboration with the french road safety government organisation. The ad was everywhere, showing the designer wearing this famous yellow safety vest with this punch line: "it's yellow its ugly, it's goes with nothing but it can save your life"

It's how we decided to make the most crazy thing of our life, just because we only have one ! Reinvent this safety vest, relook the most famous fashion designer and prove we can create a new lifestyle were people will enjoy riding safe with style !


  • 1st crowdfunding campaign !

    Urban Circus showcases its 4 pieces' first collection on Ulule. A first succes with 108 pre-orders in just 1 month which turns the idea into a company.

  • The Grands Prix !

    – Hired to be part of the 6 months acceleration programm of "Impact Partners" named «le comptoir de l’innovation».
    – Prizewinner of "Réseau Entreprendre 93" which is an valuable french entrepreneur network.
    – Prizewinner of multiple great competion such as moovjee / scientipole / Total Edhec Entreprendre
    – Incubation in a top rated engineering school in Paris "Arts & Metiers" to help us develop and structure or fabric researches


  • 2nd crowdfunding campaign !

    After a year of R&D we launched the «Jongleur 5.0». made of a brand new fabric innovation, long, quilted, with a touch sensitive pocket and... LED’s integrated - Big success! 1 month and 120 pre-orders. Ounce again many thanks to our backers and their support who wait another 2 years ... there is a world between prototyping and industrialization :)

  • Back to the Grands Prix !

    - With the Groupama Award for Innovation!
    - With a meaningfull distinction in a FashionTech incubator in Paris #LookForward by ShowroomPrivé


  • Our first made in France collection

    With a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, fluorescent and reflective suites! And cherry on the cake... A custom airplane safety belt in collaboration with "la ceinture d'avion" and bow tie in collaboration with the "phileas company".

  • Grands Prix bact to back !

    Top 3 company of Road Safety Innovation Award! Fluorescent, reflective, reversible jackets ... We are the first to make safety cool and fashion. here is the video

  • First fashion show in Strasbourg

    we are now ready to move on stages ! Promo eco-mobility as a new way of life and it starts with the style ! A great success with another award ;)


  • Partnership with free floating e-scooter

    Cityscoot x Urban Circus. If you are Parisian youve seen it. They are not cyclist,s or wheelers or else... but we all share the same mindset, to ride free with no limit.

  • Urban Circus goes to Canada

    There was an eco-riding market overseas for sure ! we settled a team in Canada, worked hard, thanks Marc-Antoine and Slava !

  • We need you to write our future ...