We are hiring !

Urban Circus is a growing start-up looking for many talents.

Below you will find open positions and the google form link to the application submission form.

If you speak French and English, we are waiting for you!

Data Analyst / Digital Marketing Internship

You are passionate about datas and new tools, you want to put them at the service of a fun and innovative start-up, join us!

Business Development / Business Strategy in Fashion Internship

The development of a young brand like Urban Circus tempts you, the direction of its sales, its partnerships, join us!

(See the job description)

Alternate Position Web Developer / Data Analyst

The code, the new techs, the numbers you are passionate, the development in start-up interests you, join us!

Recruitment process


1   Fill out this form

2  Telephone interview

3  Mission to realize

4  First interview

5   Second interview


To submit your application and start your adventure at Urban Circus, follow this link: