We offer you in step 2 of the checkout process two shipping packaging options:


1/ The Hipli reusable pouch 🌱 : 

The packaging is made of polypropylene, a very strong and durable material. Once you have received your order, this packaging can be dropped off free of charge in any post office letterbox for repackaging.

The reusable pouch saves 25 kg of waste and reduces CO2 emissions by 44% compared to a plastic envelope.


What is special about the Hipli repackable pouch? 

1. When you order, you can choose to be delivered in a Hipli reusable pouch.

2. On receipt, simply cut the seal to reveal your order.

3. You fold the pouch following the instructions on the back and drop it in any post office letterbox. The pouch is then returned to the Hipli repair centre, free of charge.

4. The pouch is checked, cleaned and repaired if necessary, then put back into circulation.

The circle is complete!

Price:  1€ per order

>> Learn more about the Hipli reusable pouch


2/ The conventional plastic pouch: 

This is a classic, conventional plastic package.

However, we are also working to improve this packaging option to eliminate single-use plastic and reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Price:  free 




Please note:Regardless of the option chosen, our products are individually packed in a plastic bag.

Our products are technical and the reflective parts require great care, they must be protected to ensure their integrity throughout transport. Humidity, dust, customs, handling and storage: there are many reasons to protect our products.

If we were to eliminate polybags, the products would be damaged and potentially unsaleable, which would have a much greater environmental impact.

However, in order to further reduce plastic consumption, we are working on replacing these plastic bags with a more responsible solution.