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We are going to tell you more and more about it: we are working on improving our environmental impact.
This is the first of many projects that we are working on and that we will present to you soon!


What is a reusable pouch?

It is a strong, durable, zippered and reusable package.

To offer this packaging option, we have teamed up with Hipli, a young French company located in Normandy.


What is the environmental benefit of a reusable pouch?

Reusable 100 times, a Hipli pouch avoids 25 kg of waste and reduces CO2 emissions by 44% compared to a plastic envelope.


How does this reusable pouch work?

1. You can choose to be delivered in a Hipli reusable pouch when you order on of our product.

2. On receipt, simply cut the security seal to reveal your order. 

3. Fold the pouch following the instructions on the back or following this tutorial and drop it in any post office letterbox. The pouch is returned to the Hipli repair centre free of charge.

4. The pouch is checked, cleaned and repaired if necessary, then put back into circulation.

- The circle is complete 😊 -

Please do not keep your Hipli pouch. Returning your parcel means that it can be reused. And the more a parcel is reused, the less impact it has on the environment.



How much does this pouch cost?

We offer it to you at a price of 1€ and we take care of 1,3€ of its cost. Indeed, each Hipli pouch costs 2.3€ excluding VAT.

By sharing the cost with those of you who wish to support us in this approach, we hope to make it easier for you to access this option and to contribute to the reduction of waste.

This option is available on orders to Metropolitan France, DOM-TOM, Andorra and Monaco.

Behind the 2,3€ cost of a pouch, there is all this: 

How to choose the reusable packaging?

The option will be proposed to you during step 2 of the payment process for delivery in metropolitan France, the French overseas departments and territories, Monaco or Andorra. Select the reusable package option recognisable by this logo: 🌱


Return or exchange a product ordered with a Hipli pouch:

You have ordered from Hipli and need to exchange or return the product? Use the pouch in which you received your order to send the product back to us!

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Empty the pouch and take out the grey clamp inside.

2. Protect the product you wish to return (e.g. by putting it back in its original polybag) and put it back in the Hipli pouch.

3. Close the pouch and secure it with the grey clamp.

4. Attach the return label we sent you to the right place.

5. Send your package.



Do you have a question about these reusable pouches? We invite you to consult the packaging section of our FAQ here. If you still have a question, don't hesitate to contact us.